I'm used to staying up late.

It's not how I want us to be.

Dan wants Linda back.

Mason seemed pleased to see me.

But a man is not made for defeat. A man can be destroyed but not defeated.

Each member has to pay a membership fee.

It's windy today.

I'm really glad you can see me.


I took a bath.

Who do you know at the Boston Police Department?

Move it along, Marshall.

What exactly did you have in mind?

You'd be a fool not to do that.

We have known each other for many years now.

I'm supposed to be on break.


Paul hid under the table.

He knew how ridiculous he sounded.

How much did you pay Morton?

Tell her I don't want to go.

You can't hide the fact from her.

Nichael was hiding behind a bush.

The Allies were winning at sea.


Nicholas's life is in danger.


Would you have the same but in a different colour?


I want Irfan to say that he was wrong.

They wanted to stay out of international conflicts.

Didn't you just repair that three days ago?


I live next door to the toy shop.

President Jackson left a few minutes later.

They figured there was no hope.

The information counts for much to us.

What's the minimum salary in Australia?


I didn't want to come here.

I'm not going to do this.

He admitted that he was guilty.

We're going to be here all afternoon.

We were just in Boston.

The boy begged for a new bike.

We ran out of petrol.

I thought you'd like us.

"Doesn't that smell fantastic?" "Yeah!"

Everyone has the right to rest and leisure, including reasonable limitation of working hours and periodic holidays with pay.

Do you think you're lovable?


It's easier to ask for forgiveness than to get permission.

You can't believe everything you hear.

I have my supper at a quarter past seven.


I don't know if this was such a good idea.

Everyone knows I'm Malaclypse's girlfriend.

You're inefficient.

Have you ever seen the movie "The Box"?

We agreed that his actions were warranted.

I saw her for a moment.

Phil could be in Boston, I suppose.


Steven grabbed a chair.


You must make a clean breast of what you saw at that time.


Roberta found a job.

Tickets are free online at example.com.

Don't ever change.

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Ahmed fell head over heels in love with Kemal.


I hope you had a productive day.

Keep a copy of that document.

I feel OK about it.


Well, how did it happen anyway?

June is happier than we've ever seen him.

Hughes looked into the tank.

George, if you are not listening to the radio then turn it off.

You can't stay here now.

They were able to live as they wanted in Massachusetts.

I can't believe you eat that stuff.

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Whip him until he confesses.

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That man is Perry Mason, the lawyer.

We'll take them with us.

Steven needs to help Hume.


I fancied that I heard a noise.

He loved Randolph.

We want a man who knows what the score is.


She's planning to travel the entire country.

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I'm here just for the holidays.

Suwandi doesn't pay any attention to Louiqa.

What did you need to see me about?

It is dull to travel by ship.

Do you really believe I did that?


He has impeccable manners, which means you can never be sure what he actually thinks!


Even specialists do not understand this incredible accident.

His head broke the surface.

The politician said he was deeply indebted to everyone for their support in the election.

He wouldn't even look at me.

Let's make Tatoeba great again!


The situation hasn't improved at all.


Hands off!

We needed a challenge.

Is it a threat?

Drunken fights and more drunken sex characterize their excuse for a relationship.

I had a call from James out of the blue.

Ima took this photo.

Shuvra only eats kosher food.

Turn around slowly.


Agatha knew Stacey would help him.

I need a calendar.


Are you recording this?

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She enjoys listening to classical music.

I consulted a doctor.

This is the first time I've ever repaired my computer by myself.

Nobody likes you.

I don't mind it at all.

I can hardly hear you.

She must be somewhere.

I want to be able to walk down this street without worrying about getting shot.

I think there are probably few Japanese who know this side of the Emperor Meiji, the side that left a song like this.

Do I look busy to you?

I think my German is really bad.

You couldn't say that was a plan with any sense of reality to it.

Choose the T-shirt you like the best.

What does she do in his office?

Both teams have thirteen points.

She always gives an instant answer.

Just stay put for a minute while I look for him.

What did we do to each other?

He is wealthy in appearance but not in reality.


This book seems easy to me.

Lancelets are the most primitive chordates.

I'm a heroin.

He hasn't forgotten these rules.

The decision is still not definite.

Ernie bought Edith something to eat.

We'll reconfirm your reservation for you.

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List had a good opinion of Donal.


I was raised in an orphanage in Boston.

He's staying at his girlfriend's place.

Granville wasn't lying.


The flag of the Czech Republic is almost the same as that of the Philippines.

To be always ready for war, said Mentor, is the surest way to avoid it.

We can't just leave her behind.

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I've been living here my whole life.


Who could that have been?

You made them do it, didn't you?

I don't think Gail was so busy today.

Give them a minute.

Carol works every day but Sunday.

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I've come a long way to see you.

We walked here.

Life is full of confusing things.

Wolf asked for Tony's opinion.

I don't mean to say that I hate to see people enjoying themselves. But I hate holidays, nevertheless, because to me they are always the dreariest and saddest days of the year.

That is my favorite song!

It's a perfect day for a picnic.

The results of the test were negative.

They have never even heard of the US.

I just lost my best friend in a traffic accident.

I go often.


I'd like to sleep with you.


Moe did well on the exam.


I really regret doing that.

Do good to them which hate you.

He looked into the farmer's smiling red face, "Yes, sir." He said.

You're learning Esperanto.

Roxana smiled at Eduardo affectionately.

Don't pay lip service to me.

Pat usually fishes off the dock, but sometimes he fishes from the shore.


My patience is coming to an end.

She tried to hide her mistake from us.

Woe betide the child who speaks correct English; he will be the laughing-stock of his classmates.